Technical products : Hydraulic

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in fluid dynamics, our expertise in the hydraulics enables us to provide components for your applications and in compliance with pressure equipment standards.

Nous sommes reconnus comme distributeur officiel pour de nombreuses marques Hydraulique :

Produits techniques hydraulique

Series overview


Pompe hydraulique
  • Gear pump
  • Piston pump
  • Rotary vane pump


Moteur hydraulique
  • Bent axis motor
  • Low speed motor
  • Piston motor
  • Orbital motor

Motor Pump Unit

Groupe moto-pompe
  • Sytronix

Modular directional valves, in-line valves and cartridge valves - switching

Distributeur modulaire valve tout ou rien
  • Directional control spool valve, poppet valve, ATEX, UL, IECEX, CSA
  • Flow limiter and regulator
  • Pressure relief valve and reducing valve
  • Piloted check valve
  • Logic valve

Modular directional valves, in-line valves and cartridge valves - Proportional

Distributeur modulaire proportionnel
  • Servo valve
  • Electronic card
  • Digital valve
  • Rexroth proportional valve


Vérin hydraulique
  • Tie-rod cylinder
  • Cylindrical Cylinder
  • Servo cylinder
  • Cylinder according map

Process filtration

Filtration hydraulique
  • Filter housing
  • Pressure filter element, return filter, air filter
  • Process filter
  • Filtration and filling unit
  • Clogging indicator


Accumulateur hydraulique
  • Bladder accumulator
  • Membrane accumulator
  • Piston accumulator


Refroidisseur hydraulique
  • Plate heat exchanger
  • Tubular heat exchanger
  • Cold group

Hydraulic power units

Centrale hydraulique

Maintenance tool and workshop equipment

Outil de maintenance et matériel d'atelier
  • Hydraulic hand pump
  • Retractor cylinder, hydraulic wrench
  • Extractor, shop press
  • Measuring device
  • Fluid analysis
  • Seals pack
  • Accumulator test box

Device accessory

Accessoire périphérique hydraulique
  • Bellhousing, coupling, flector
  • Pressure sensor, flow, temperature, level
  • Pressure gauge
  • Pressure switch
  • Hydraulic Oils...

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