Technical Products: all fluid

Fluid condition monitoring and improvement, the best way to cost effective maintenance and repair. We have the components, skills, advice and technical support of your service requirements.

Produits techniques tout fluides

Series overview


  • Direct operated solenoid valve
  • Pilot-operated solenoid valve
  • Angle seat valve
  • Self-powered control valve
  • Process valve
  • Control valve

Measuring tool

Instrument de mesure
  • Flow measurement
  • Pressure measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • Level measurement
  • PH measurement
  • Conductivity measurement

Fittings and connection

Robinetterie et raccordement
  • Ball Valve
  • Needle valve
  • Butterfly valve
  • Valve

Process filtration

Filtration process
  • Automatic backflushing filter
  • In-line filter and double filter
  • Filter element

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