hydraulic power unit HydrOptimum

For this range of industrial hydraulic power units, ACE has optimized manufacturing and costs. From quotation to delivery, we guarantee a delivery within 5 working days*. Quick to start up, robust components, our HydrOptimum power units are CE-certified and compliant with the DM-2006/42 machine directive.

*according to quantity and options

Centrale HydrOptimum 3D

Standard hydraulic power unit to meet the requirements of your applications

Centrale HydrOptimum


  • Fast and guaranteed delivery time
  • Easy to use
  • GHO Spare parts in stock
  • Available Options
  • Technicians available for optimization : contact us
  • Safe and reliable : all our groups are tested individually
  • ACE quality guaranteed
  • CE-certified and compliant with the DM-2006/42 machine directive
  • Made in France

Each unit is tested in our facilities and delivered assembled without oil with an accompanying support (instructions for use, declaration of incorporation).

Composition of an industrial hydraulic power unit

4 standard sizes :

  • ACE-GHO-27 Liters
  • ACE-GHO-40 Liters
  • ACE-GHO-63 Liters
  • ACE-GHO-123 Liters
Composition centrale HydrOptimum
  • Aluminum bin
  • External gear pump. Pressure / Flow see table
  • Engine IE3 1500 RPM 230 / 400V
  • Lantern
  • Coupling
  • Block P and T
  • Pressure limiter
  • Drain plug
  • Breather filter
  • Return filter - 10μ. Return flow 35l/min
  • Optical clogging indicator
  • Display level indicator
  • Pressure tap on P

Determination of an optimized power unit

HydrOptimumFlow rate of pump in L/min
Engine power in KW0,75184119747449
Maximum pressure in bar
Displacement in Cm3/rev1,62,54,04,06,08,511,014,016,519,522,5
Volume of the tank in liter274063123

Caution : For a value between two pressures, select the larger size.

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