Hazardous Locations, master the risks !

Certified solenoid valves for hazardous locations. For several decades, we have been developing, designing and integrating solenoid valves to be used especially in these particular atmospheres. We also master complete sets of equipment for these regulated environments.

Hazardous Locations

What is an Hazardous Locations ?

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An atmosphere is likely to become explosive in case of a mixture with air of flammable substances in the form of gases, vapors or dusts in which, after ignition, the combustion spreads to the whole unburned mixture. source INERIS

What type of ACE solenoid valve to install ?

Distributeurs 800700

Our technical experts are avalilable to help you choosing for your Hazardous Location equipment. We advise you to choose the right valve characteristies according to your individual hazardous locations. Our valves meet different global standards.

Our Expertise

We manufacture technical units and global systems for hazardous areas certified by a notified external body NRTLs.

Control of the global multi-technology offer for hazardous areas : ATEXIECEXUL (NEC500-NEC505)CSA for USA and CanadaKCS for Korea

We work in full autonomy from the study, design, installation and commissioning whatever your Hazardous Locations.
We have installed parts manufactured by our partners such as Bosch, Burkert, Asco ...

Équipement ZE 1
Équipement ZE 2
Monitoring of standards
Box of junctions and remote box
Engine starting system
Dimensioning radiator, cooler
Measurement instrumentation flow - level - pressure - temperature
Constructor Integrator of solenoid valves
Flexible cable, under sheath, under tube
Passive stainless steel or painted stainless steel
Offshore paint system

Manufacturer of solenoid valves approved for use in potentially hazardous locations

TypeZoneATEXIECEXNEC 500, ULNEC 505, CSA for US & CanadaKCS
800300SurfaceExplosion proof
800700SurfaceEx d or Ex de II2G IIB+H2Ex d IIB+H2 T6, T5 or T4 GbAEx d or AEx deEx d IIB+H2 T6, T5 or T4
MiningEEx d ou EEx de I M
800800SurfaceEEx d ou EEx de II2G IICAEx d or AEx de
MiningEEx d ou EEx de I M
800900SurfaceEx dmb ou Ex emb Gb II 2 GD IICEx dmb ou Ex emb Gb II 2 GD IIC
MiningEx d ou Ex de I M2Ex d ou Ex de I M2
Typecheck valvescontrol valvesHydraulic
NEC 505, CSA
for US & Canada
800300-ED6Cetop340l/min315bar24VDC *
800300-SEW6Cetop311l/min250bar24VDC *
800700-ED6Cetop340l/min315barSee Doc ** *
800700-SEW6Cetop311l/min250barSee Doc ** *
800800-ED6Cetop340l/min315barSee Doc ** *
800800-SEW6Cetop311l/min250barSee Doc ** *
800900-ED6Cetop332l/min250bar24VDC *
800900-SEW6Cetop35l/min250bar24VDC *

* This certification is only for a lot.
** DC or AC voltage from 24 to 230 V see characteristic on the documentation.

Distributeur 800300 ED6
800300 ED6
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3D file800300-ed6-1sol.step
Distributeur 900300 SEW6
800300 SEW6
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3D file800300-sew6.step
Distributeur 800900 ED6
800900 ED6
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Certificate ATEXcert-ineris-11-ATEX-0018X.pdf
Certificate IECExcert-IECEx-INE-11.0011X.pdf
3D file800900-ed6-1sol.step
Distributeur 800900 SEW6
800900 SEW6
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Certificate ATEXcert-ineris-11-ATEX-0018X.pdf
Certificate IECExcert-IECEx-INE-11.0011X.pdf
3D file800900-sew6.step