Solutions for a continuous improvement of the efficient maintenance

A fluid handles many functions in an installation :

  • Movements transmission
  • Lubrication of the system
  • Dissipation of the heat due to friction
  • Protection against the corrosion ...

A polluted fluid wont’ be able to ensure these functions which will entail consequences over the whole team’s functioning.

Fluides solutions

Be sure of your product to make economies and gain productivity

Oil :
  • Hydraulic
  • Gear motor
  • Rolling
  • Cutting
Water :
  • Demineralized
  • Softened
  • Cooling
  • Fresh

Analysis of your fluids

  • Mobile analytics with installation on your production machine
  • Collection and analysis of samples by the HYDAC or ACE laboratory
  • Collection and analysis of samples in the HYDAC laboratory truck on your site
Analyse fluides

Implementation of treatment systems to improve your analysed fluids

  • Mobile filtration
  • Stationary filtration
  • Suitable filter elements
  • Solutions against :
    • Electrostatic discharges
    • Water and Solids Pollution
    • Phenomenon of Varnish

One time or continuous measurement of your fluids

  • Monitoring of particle rate
  • Monitoring of water content
  • Temperature monitoring
Mesures fluides

Boost your maintenance thanks to our « Fluid Solutions” contract

Cleanliness entail directly on the effectiveness and the yield of your equipment. 75% of the breakdown are due to the fluid. With the “Fluides Solutions” contract we commit to deal with different issues linked to your fluid quality.

To keep a fluid clean entails a better expectancy of the components, guarantees an installation breakdown rate as low as possible, reduces consumption of the components and increases the machines availability.

The commitment guarantees a continuous enhancement of your industrial fluids

contract fluides solutions


Measure and analisis of your fluids
Mesures et analyses des fluides
Continuous or one-time filtering clean up
Dépollution, filtration mobile ou continue
Feelt of filter's management
Gestion du parc filtres
Training course about fluids
Formation suivi des fluides