Air generation and treatment : compressed air, a fluid with multiple challenges

Technical expertise: asset to efficient action

Currently, the energy cost is a main determinant of investment in a compressed air system. Our technicians will assist and provide you with advice on efficient latest technology solutions.

  • Lubricated and non-lubricated screw compressors, pistons and pallets
  • Compresseur variable aimant permanent IE4/IP66
  • Vacuum pump
  • Calories boiler
  • Filtration
  • Sécheur apport calorifique
  • Condensate treatment
  • Purgeur capacitif
  • Tank
  • Nitrogen generator
  • Breathable air
  • Réseau air et azote EQOFLUIDS
  • Instrumentation et monitoring des centrales
Solution clé en main en air comprimé

ACE Services

  • Extend the lifetime and reduce maintenance costs of your equipment.
  • Upgrade your equipment and your compressed air network.
  • Reduce your energy consumption.
Equipment distribution of expenses within 5 years’ period Répartition des coûts pour une installation en air comprimé
Services air comprimé


  • Audit consumption and energy efficiency
  • On-site service and repairs
  • Service contract
  • C2E / LOA file creation
  • Technical requirements
Mesures et analyses air comprimé

Measurement and Analysis

  • Humidity (dew point + 20 ° C to -70 ° C) with psychrometer, data recording possibility
  • Flow rate up to 720 m3 / h (direct measurement or recording over a period)
  • Tanks, pressure testing up to 500 bar (2 blowers with equipment)
  • Ultrasound (leaks checking)
  • Vibrators (screw block and electric motor)
Contrôle air comprimé


  • Valves: control and revision with maximum setting to 435 bars
  • Air quality following the standard NF / EN 12021
  • Annual leakage of refrigerant circuit under Decree No 2007-737 of 07/05/07

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