Cylinder maintenance and repair

Our resources and our expertise enable us to maintain and repair your cylinder in the best conditions. ACE provides a rapid and efficient service, a purpose designed workshop and an optimum organization.

Maintenance et réparation de vérins

Refurbishment to prolong the life of your existing hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, all types and all brands.

  • Available stock of spare parts (depending on type)
  • Prompt repair and maintenance service by our technicians’ teams
  • Dedicated tools to repair both simple and complex cylinders
  • After repair, test bench running and marking
  • Identification and supply of appropriate seals set on request
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance planning for your cylinders
  • Engineering drawing, on request, by our department of engineering design
  • Painting in our cabins

ACE commitments

Les engagements pour la réparation de vérins
  • Short response time and short deadlines
  • Repair true to the original condition
  • On site machining, sheet metalworking and welding of faulty parts
  • Provision of test curves on request
Les étapes de la réparation de vérins

Characteristic of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders that we repair

cylinder type
normMachining capacity barrel and rod
Ø maxMaximum length
Differentialvérin à tige
Double rodVérin double tige
and others
50 mm6000 mm
210 mm2800 mm
300 mm500 mm
515 mm135 mm
cylinder type
normMachining capacity barrel and rod
Ø maxMaximum length
Rod actuatorVérin à tigeISO
and others
50 mm
210 mm
6000 mm
2800 mm
Rodless cylinderVérin sans tige300 mm
515 mm
500 mm
135 mm
Rotary actuatorVérin rotatif---

We can also service other diameters and cylinders strokes in partnership. Contact us.

Hazardous area : the explosive gas mixtures or combustible dust concentrations associated to hot and moving parts of the cylinders can cause serious incidents. You imperatively must inform us of the cylinder operation environment.